Specialties For nearly 75 years, Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. has offered our customers a consistent level of uncompromising excellence. Our sophisticated testing equipment coupled with the finest, most diverse line of products are a perfect combination to ensure our customers better hearing for better living. History Established in 1938 Since 1938, Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. has dedicated itself to enhancing peoples lives through better hearing because we believe that better hearing is better living. Need advice on choosing and using products? This is your best source. Are you a real stickler for prompt service? Hull Hearing Aid Service was rated #1 for overall quality, reliability and price. Meet the Business Owner:
Jed D. All to make life a little bit easier notes Jed Donohoe, BC-HIS, ACA, Vice President and has been with the company for 31 years. A user of hearing aids himself, Jed uses his own critical ear to test much of the equipment so he can be sure that what he recommends to his clients is suitable. Virginia licensed, board certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and also certified by the American Conference on Audioprosthology, Jed is dedicated to providing the best service in the area. To ensure this, he takes advantage of a cutting edge technology called the LASR process, which stands for Laser Accurate Scan Replication and offers enhanced accuracy in fitting hearing aids to ensure maximum comfort, address whistling, and give optimum performance. My clients rave about the results he notes.

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