Specialties We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of home automation systems, home theater systems, lighting control systems, surveillance systems, and virtually anything electronic in the home or light commercial space. We are an authorized retailer for many of the major electronics manufacturers including Elan Home Systems, Sunfire, Denon, and Martin Logan. History Established in 2009 The founder of Innovative Audio and Video has been in the electronics industry for over 18 years. The majority of those years have been dedicated to working in homes designing and installing distributed audio and video systems and as technology progressed connecting all of the homes’ subsystems together such as lighting, climate, and security to create “smart homes.” Over the years we have been factory trained by many of the top electronics companies and continue to refine our skills. Technology is constantly changing and we are constantly learning to always provide cutting edge solutions. Meet the Business Owner:
Jon L. Jon, the owner of Innovative Audio and Video started his electronics career working on car stereos for friends. The local store that he was purchasing electronics from decided that it would be better to hire him as an installer than lose business to him. Jon worked for this company for 15 years both in the car stereo side of the business and later in the home installation side of the business. It was working on homes that Jon really felt passionate about and he read everything he could get his hands on to learn more about this side of the business. He was the lead technician for many years doing design, sales, and installations as well as troubleshooting existing systems. In 2009 he decided to make a change and started Innovative Audio and Video with the goal of providing a more personal experience for his clients and truly designing systems based on what the clients need, not just a “cookie cutter” system.

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