Specialties Physicians and Midwives is composed of a team of doctors and midwives that practice in four centers spread out across Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Lake Ridge, and North Arlington), all the offices are connected by a state of the art Electronic Medical Record. We understand that our patients are time sensitive and our office hours and locations are in place to stress convenience. In addition, our dedicated call center is in place during office hours to facilitate your requests for medication refills, lab results or questions about your treatment. We began the system now called “Physicians and Midwives” in 1993 to fill what we believed to be a gap between what the patient expected and desired from her doctors and what she commonly received. History Established in 1993 We began a journey to do what we could to bring back high-touch medicine to compliment the developments in medical technology. We believe that, whether you are a woman seeking advice about what could be your first sexual encounter, a woman in the prime of her reproductive years, a woman in that transition time of her life, or a woman dealing with senior issues, you deserve a compassionate, as well as knowledgeable, caregiver who has the time and inclination to offer advice and support, as well as the latest in modern tests and medicines.

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