Specialties We put a huge emphasis on branding companies consistently throughout all their marketing materials. Both in print, and online, we consistently design advertisements, brochures, displays, flyers, websites, e-blasts, informational graphics, reports and publications for our clients. We work closely with them in a collaborative effort, especially during the first few projects, to ensure we get to know the client, their projects and their target audience. The better we know these details, the better we can illustrate and design to get their message across clearly and effectively. Contact us today for an initial consultation to see if our team makes a solid fit with yours. History Established in 2007 After many years of owning and running a local design firm as a partner, Ben Roberts had the opportunity to open his own studio and work with his clients with creativity and patience, two traits that Six Half Dozen has been labeled with from day one. Ben always felt that without creativity there was no chance in design and marketing, but without patience, there was no use for that creativity. He wanted to create a new team that worked with their clients, listening to their daily challenges, finding solutions and designing processes and tools rather than just updating materials by request. With this in mind, and a portfolio full of proof, Six Half Dozen has an ever growing list of happy clients who consider us their design team. Meet the Business Owner:
Ben R. With over 11 years of experience as a creative director and graphic designer, Ben Roberts, Owner and director of Six Half Dozen, leads his team of talented designers to produce both print and web marketing materials and campaigns for their clients. Ben has lived and designed in Alexandria since 2001, starting as part owner and director of a small design firm, and then branching off to open up his own firm, Six Half Dozen, in July 2007. He and his wife Christine have two sons and another business in Lake Ridge VA, called www.dreamdinners.com (/tackettsmill), a meal preparation shop bringing families convenient, healthy and affordable dinners to free up time to enjoy together. Together they run two very different companies, adding to Ben’s experience in designing for such a wide range of clients, looking at his clients’ challenges from a variety of angles.

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