Specialties We are passionate about graphic and web design and how it reflects the world around us. We maintain a excellent customer service level in helping our clients achieve their goal of Branding and Marketing in print, web or digital. We look at every aspect daily to create fliers, brochures, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, business cards and whatever else we can dream up. Our CEO has traveled throughout the World and does so once a month to discover new types of media and Print to create a Universal Approach to Design. He currently lives in Alexandria Virginia and Rotterdam Netherlands. History Established in 2005 Founded in 2005 In the Netherlands, We started as a blog that spread out quite rapidly throughout Europe. While Tony was working with two design firms in the Netherlands he created his own collective in the Washington DC area, he niche was never to be seen but let his work speak for its self, known as a culture vulture he finds new ways of creating the world and media around him and at the same time understand the challenges business face on budget time and image. He has worked with such companies as Culture before Friends and currently holds the Northern Virginia Community College Student union Website and Marketing. Meet the Business Owner:
Tony Hill L. Culture Vulture, Artistic rat. Has worked in fashion since he was 11 years old designing his first collection at 15(which he still has the jacket to prove it). He wanted to create a beautiful world so he moved into working in Paris at famous Collete as a merchandiser before moving back to the Netherlands to study art, design and its reflection on media. He moved to the US and built his company on one thing….no money, he felt no money was a way to work for your creativity and understand the design process without putting a price on it. Today his clients are Hillwood Estates, NVCC, and Culture before Friends

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