Specialties Your Man Friday provides affordably priced, reliable and skilled light construction services for improvements, repairs, and working the “ever growing To-Do Lists – which is licensed, bonded and insured in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Your Man Friday has more than 25 years of experience in many areas that have helped our customers – homeowners, property associations, property management, and other commercial owners, History Established in 2011 Your Man Friday realized that there are many homeowners and businesses that don’t need the “high dollar, large construction contractors” but just want to have the services of a contractor that is affordability price, reliable, and skilled. By choosing Your Man Friday, your technician is skilled, experienced and cares for your home or business as he does his own by removing the work trash and debris. You can rest assured that our technicians can be trusted to work in your home or business, show up on time, listen first – make recommendations second, and will do a good job.

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