Specialties BirthCare’s Philosophy The midwives at BirthCare believe that childbirth is a normal physiologic process. Childbirth is an event which best proceeds when the childbearing woman is the central focus, her health is promoted, she feels safe in her birth environment, and her natural efforts to birth are supported. Clients can begin their care with us for well woman gynecology or for their first prenatal visit. Every appointment is an educational experience to enable the mother and family to most effectively promote a healthy normal pregnancy. Children are always welcome at the center for prenatal visits and, if desired, may be an integral part of the birth team. BirthCare’s philosophy is based on the belief that health care for women takes place within the context of a partnership in which the provider and consumer of care have joint responsibility. Every woman brings to her pregnancy and birth her own unique gifts, which the BirthCare midwives encourage…

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